South Carolina Part 3- Adventures We Couldn’t Resist

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Skyler’s parents kindly babysat for us so we could go parasailing one morning! On first thought, parasailing seems terrifying, and it is! But only at first. As we slowly drifted higher and farther from the boat, I’ll admit, I was pretty scared. Once we were out all the way (500 feet!) my heart rate slowed down enough for me to realize that it’s actually pretty relaxing! We enjoyed the incredible views and watched for dolphins. Unfortunately, they weren’t feeling very social that day.

500 feet away!

The company we went with has a fun tradition of dipping parasailers in the water before they bring them back to the boat. I’m so glad we let them do this. It was freaky, but very fun.

Later, we met up with some family members in Georgetown. This is another adorable historic city. There are plenty of cute shops to buy souvenirs and treats. Behind the shops is a boardwalk. If you’re lucky, you’ll see alligators swimming below you. We only saw the warning signs, but maybe I should be grateful for that. We enjoyed the main shopping area, then drove around the beautiful, historic neighborhoods.

As we neared the end of our trip, Skyler wanted to make sure that I did as many iconic Pawleys Island things as possible. We had to visit the famous hammock shop. We walked into the little building to watch the hammock man at work. He was a very nice man named Marvin who hand-weaves every hammock! He told us that if he concentrates, he can make a hammock in 45 minutes. That day, he was taking his time, so it would be closer to an hour and a half. He then launched into stories about making hammocks and different people he has met. He was quite the character. He had us laughing the whole time.

I wanted to try as many Southern foods as possible on this trip. Throughout our time there I tried hush puppies, boiled peanuts, and fried pickles. All of these were yummy, but none of them compared with fried Oreos! If you’ve never tried them, they are amazing! They’re basically bite-sized heart attacks, but holy cow, they are so yummy!

We finished off our last day with a fun trip to the beach. Skyler’s mom told us about the Pawleys Island shell. Local Legend says that you can only find these shells here. If you do find one, the island has blessed your presence. Skyler’s mom found a few! The island must love her.

Pawleys Island is a great vacation spot! We were sad to leave, and can’t wait for our next visit.

We spent a lot of time driving and flying on this trip. Learn how we helped the baby during our travel time in this post.



  • Kim
    8 months ago

    Glad you enjoyed South Carolina as much as we do!

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