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After our recent trip to Canada, I am thirsty for more. Canada has some amazing places to see, and I realize now that I have only scratched the surface! Here’s some good news: Canada is more accessible to Americans than ever before, because Swoop Airline has opened flights from America to Canada for under $200! Beginning in October, Swoop flies Americans from Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Mesa, and Las Vegas to 4 different cities in Canada: 

  1. Hamilton, Ontario
  2. Abbotsford, British Columbia
  3. Edmonton, Alberta
  4. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hamilton, Ontario 

Hamilton is known as the Waterfall Capital of the world. In this city alone, there are over 100 waterfalls. Looking to wow the kids?  This will do the trick! Take a waterfall tour around the city to see waterfalls like The Devil’s Punchbowl: a thin waterfall plunging into a deep, bowl shaped rock formation. When you’re finished here, it’s only a 1 hour drive to see the infamous Niagara Falls.

The Devil’s Punchbowl. Photo provided by Tourism Hamilton.

Photo provided by Tourism Hamilton

I love animals and zoos, so I was exhilarated to learn that Hamilton is also home to the African Lion Safari. Visiting a zoo is always a fun experience, but the African Lion Safari easily tops all of them. You can hop in your car and go on a drive through the savannah (or what feels like it)!  There are over 1000 animals here including: rhinos, zebras, ostriches and more. Plan ahead to make sure you see a daily presentation, or take advantage of the opportunity to feed a giraffe! You can also ride a train, enjoy a boat ride, and visit the petting zoo here.

Photo courtesy of  Tourism Hamilton

Abbotsford, British Columbia 

Abbotsford is right in the middle of some amazing places. We explored this area on on our family trip to Canada. We love it! I was pleased to learn about more interesting things to do near here.

Just a 2 hour drive away from Abbotsford, you will find a town called Whistler. Here you can experience the Peak 2 Peak Gondola. Located in the Blackcomb Ski Resort, it is “the longest continuous lift system on the globe”. How’s that for a fun ride? Of course, you can also use it to go skiing. 

The Peak to Peak lift. Photo provided by: Tourism Whistler / Mike Crane

In case you want to explore Whistler in the summer, there is an incredible bike park here. You can take a lift to the peak of Whistler Mountain and bike all the way into the town! That is far from being your only option, however. The park includes 68 trails of varying difficulties, so there is something for everyone here.

Photo provided by: Tourism Whistler / Mike Crane

Halifax, Nova Scotia 

I think that the best way to find out what makes a place unique is to visit its historic sites. If we visit Halifax, we’ll be sure to stop by the Citadel National Historic Site. The Citadel was a British naval station built in 1749. It was never actually used in battle, but there are many legends surrounding it. You can learn what life was like in the fort by taking a tour or participating in one of their hands-on learning experiences. 

Photo Courtesy of Discover Halifax

The historical fun doesn’t end there though. Halifax also has the oldest Maritime museum in Canada. You can learn about everything from the Titanic to the Halifax explosion at this museum.

Photo Courtesy Discover Halifax

Edmonton, Alberta

Oh my goodness, the mall! I know, it sounds crazy to travel to another country to visit a mall, but the West Edmonton Mall is insane! The largest in North America, it covers the equivalent of 48 city blocks. Jaw drop. At this mall you can:

  • play in an indoor water park
  • board a full size pirate ship
  • go to Chinatown
  • skate inside a glass dome
  • see a movie, and
  • ride a roller coaster

Oh, and of course, you can shop too.

Indoor pirate ship at the West Edmonton Mall

Picture provided by Edmonton Tourism

After an exciting day at the mall, you might want to escape into the serenity of nature. Good news, you won’t have to go very far. Elk Island National Park is nearby! You’re sure to see some interesting wildlife here. Come to camp, canoe, have a picnic, or learn all about bison conservation. You might even see the northern lights!

The Northern Lights at Elk Island National Park

Picture provided by Edmonton Tourism

Book Your Flight to Canada

Do you have itchy feet yet? I do. I’m amazed by how much Canada has to offer. Thanks to Swoop, Canada is more accessible now to Americans than it has ever been. Not only does Swoop offer cheap flights to Canada, but they have free in-seat power, Wi-Fi, and TV/Movie streaming! Head over to their website to book your flight to Canada.

Get cheap flights to Canada with Swoop Airline

Photo Courtesy of Swoop Airline


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