Loving Our Kids on Purpose

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Inspired. Excited. Empowered. This is how I felt after finishing Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk. Silk focuses his book on the relationship between parent and child. Parents are much more effective when the parent-child relationship is built on love and trust rather than resentment and manipulation. He explains that in order for our kids to trust us, we must show them real, pure love even when they make poor choices. Many parents intend to do this, but aren’t sure how to. Throughout his book, Silk is able to give many practical examples and tips.

Toward the beginning of his career, Silk found Love and Logic. He became a facilitator for their program and has taught and changed the lives of many parents. In Loving Our Kids on Purpose, Silk takes the principles of Love and Logic and adds his insights to deepen the reader’s understanding. I finished this book a week ago, and already want to reread it! Do yourself a favor and check out this book.



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