Love and Logic

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Anyone close to me knows how much I geek out about Love and Logic. I learned about this approach when I was feeling completely desperate with my rowdy first grade class. I began implementing their techniques and have never looked back!

Authors Jim Fay, Charles Fay, and Foster Cline explain the philosophy behind their approach in the beginning of their books. They explain concepts such as natural consequences, building self-concept, sharing control to get control, empathy, and taking care of yourself. But they don’t stop there. Fay, Fay, and Cline give common, everyday examples of how to use their techniques, and even teach you phrases you’ll be able to use over and over.

Love and Logic teaches how to discipline your kids in ways that will teach them to be problem solvers. By using their techniques, your kids will learn to think for themselves. When this happens, your job will become much easier. Instead of spending your day solving all your kids’ problems, you get to watch as they come up with creative solutions.

These books will have you laughing as you learn to be an effective parent. If you are only going to read one parenting book, let it be a Love and Logic book.

  *If you are new to Love and Logic, I recommend starting with “Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood,” “Parenting with Love and Logic,” or “Parenting Teens with Love and Logic” Their other books are amazing too, but these present the big picture.




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