How to Create a Memorable Halloween for Your Kids

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*First, I’d like to thank Hogle Zoo for giving us tickets to BooLights. While the tickets were given to me, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Does it feel like every Halloween is about the same? There are a few typical things we do every year to celebrate: Carve pumpkins, put up scary decorations, wear costumes, you know the drill. These things are all enjoyable, but they aren’t unique. They aren’t very memorable because we repeat them so often.

This year, I discovered an amazing Halloween tradition that is truly unique and exciting. We began our Halloween celebration this year at the zoo! If you’re thinking that a zoo isn’t very festive, you haven’t been to  Hogle Zoo’s BooLights. It was the perfect way to start our Halloween fun.

The entire zoo was decorated. I couldn’t believe how many lights there were. We saw light tunnels, mummies, movie characters, pirates, and, of course, light up animals! Our little guy loved the lights. He made sure Skyler and I saw all of them by pointing at them and making noises.

Walking through the bat cave

The baby admires the lights!

Giant pumpkin tunnel

Peek-a-boo Jack Skellington

Hogle Zoo didn’t stop with lights though, they had amazing things like this dragon too. As you can see, it was huge and really well made!

An impressive dragon

All of the zoo employees were dressed up, and they had some characters there too. We tried to convince the baby that this tiger was his friend. He wasn’t buying it. He might be one of those kids who’s afraid of Santa.

Meeting a tiger

While it was still light out, we saw elephants, lions, otters, and more. After the sun went down, we couldn’t really see the animals. If you’re coming to BooLights, I recommend getting there right at 6:30. In the beginning, see your favorite animals. After the sun goes down, focus on the fun Halloween stuff. We were glad we did it this way. We felt like we got the best of both worlds.  Watching the elephant eat

As we walked around the zoo we saw numerous activities for kids that we can’t wait to take advantage of when our kiddo is a little older. One of my favorites was a cute little dance party. Preschoolers were showing off their halloween dance moves while wearing adorable costumes. We also saw a room with kids making a craft. This was nice not only because it’s a fun activity, but also because it was pretty cold. It’s a perfect way to warm up a little without missing out on the party. In the middle of the zoo, there was a maze for kids. The walls were about 3-4 feet tall: a perfect height so that parents can stand outside of it and watch their kids try to figure it out!

We didn’t quite know what to expect from a Halloween party at the zoo, and it turned out to be a lot of fun! I’m happy that we found such an uncommon way to celebrate.

Do you have any unique Halloween traditions? Share them in the comments!



  • That looks like a really fun experience. We are taking our kids to the zoo next week, I can’t wait.

  • I love this. I have been dying to take my son to a boo at the zoo event. These lights look so exciting and so different from typical Halloween decorations!

  • Oh my goodness what a fun experience! I wish my zoo did this! They do something like this for the holidays that we do every year and we love it!

    Josephine | Better as Us

  • Stacy
    7 months ago

    It looks like a great time! A few of our local zoos do something similar but we’ve never been. Maybe this should be the year we finally check it out!

  • Michelle
    7 months ago

    Fun! This is a great idea to get into the Halloween mood and have fun with all ages!

    • firmhappymom
      7 months ago

      I agree!

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