About Me

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here!

My name is Brooke. I have a degree in Psychology, I taught elementary school, and now I am the mother to my favorite little boy! Let’s be honest though, my real claim-to-fame is that I was the best female racquetball player on my university’s team. (I know this is true because I was the only female racquetball player. Let’s not focus on that little detail.)

I blog about building strong families through loving discipline and meaningful experiences. I will share my experiences as a former teacher and as a mother, along with lessons I learn on the way. I will also write about about our day-to-day family life including our travel adventures!

My husband Skyler and I travel together with our baby. As we travel, we love to experience the things that make each location special, so we spend our time at unique attractions and historic sites.

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