Don’t Forget to Smile!

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Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day tasks we have that we forget to enjoy the goodness that comes from being with kids! This happened to me often when I was teaching. It was usually something sweet or funny that helped me put things in perspective. Here are some silly experiences I had as a teacher. I hope they make you smile!

Being pregnant as an elementary school teacher is awesome:

  • When I was 8 months pregnant with a very noticeable belly, a second grader saw me and asked, “Are you still pregnant?”
  • I told a Kindergarten class that I had a baby in my tummy. A few minutes later, I walked past a little boy who asked, “Is there really a baby in there?” Before I could answer, he reached out, touched my belly, and exclaimed, “Yup! There is!” He seemed very pleased with himself.
  • At recess, a little boy walked up and hit my tummy (luckily not very hard). “Careful!” I said. “There’s a baby in there! We have to be gentle.” He looked shocked. “Oh sorry! I thought it was a ball.”

I got a kick out of grading tests. The kids would amaze me with their brilliance and occasionally give me a really good laugh:

  • One girl said that to prepare for winter, the animals gather their families and pray.
  • When asked how erosion could move a rock, one boy wrote an epic scene with a boulder rolling down a hill and crushing animals before making a giant splash in the ocean!
  • The kids were asked to describe how a spider catches its prey. One 2nd grader wrote that the spider “rapes” (wraps) her prey. Spelling matters kids!

Other random smiles.

  • We were playing a game that involved running as fast as you can until a signal. At the signal, one boy was still running. I called out, “You’re supposed to stop running!” He called back, “I can’t because of inertia!” I have to admit, I was proud.
  • One day I walked into my classroom to find a note on my desk. It had a cute drawing of an animal on it. It read, “To Mrs. T, my wife. From: Classified.”

Being with kids is a hoot! What funny experiences have you had recently?



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