5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Love Reading with You

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Reading with kids is one of my favorite things. I love seeing their eyes light up when they understand something new. It’s adorable to see them anticipate what will happen next in a well-written story. I could go on and on. Unfortunately, sometimes reading to our kids becomes a chore. Here are some great ideas to keep your reading time fresh and fun.

  1. Use fun voices

Make the story come alive! You may feel silly, but your kids will love it.

2. Act out the story, or parts of it

This is a great way to get your kids involved in what they read. Choose a chapter or an exciting paragraph to act out. It can even be fun to join in yourself!

 3. Put the child in the story

Ask questions such as, “What would you do if you were the tortoise?” or “Would you like to live in Oz?” These types of questions help kids to think deeply about what they read. They can also be a great way to get to know your child.

 4. Always leave them wanting more

This is one I struggle with because I love reading so much. There is real value to stopping just before your child has had enough. They will be begging you for more.

 5. Discuss stories you read in your daily life

When you are driving, ask your child what they think will happen next in your chapter book. Ask your child how specific characters would act in situations you are in. For example, “What do you think Peter Pan would like best at this park?”

Reading with kids is a beautiful way to build a relationship with them. Keep it exciting, and you will create cherished memories. What fun things do you do with your kids to encourage reading?



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