10 Fun Date Ideas We Love For When We’re Stuck at Home

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In the first few years of our marriage, Skyler and I loved to spend our evenings out of the house. We would go to parks and play catch, hang out at the mall, and so on. After our baby was born we had to adjust to spending our evenings at home. At first this was a bit of a bummer. We missed having the freedom we had before. After a shift in thinking, we were able to think of some ways to have just as much fun together as we always had without leaving the house. Here are 10 of the at-home date ideas we have come to love.

  • Trade back massages as you watch a movie. This is one of our favorite at home dates. It’s so relaxing for both of us!
  • Make brownies or some other favorite treat.
  • Break out the board games. Spot-It, Uno, and Jenga are some of our favorite two-player games. If we’re feeling a little more dedicated, we like Clue Mysteries and Dominion too.
  • Watch a comedy TV show you both love. After the baby was born we got hooked on “I Love Lucy.”
  • Try a themed dinner. For a French meal, eat in courses and have crepes! Do a Mexican night with homemade tortillas for tacos.
  • Listen to audiobooks, or take turns reading out loud to each other. We had a great time with the Harry Potter series. I read the first 3 books out loud to Skyler. We finished the series with audiobooks. We have also enjoyed listening to “Loving Our Kids on Purpose,” “Parenting with Love and Logic,” and “The 4-Hour Work-Week.”
  • Work on a project for your home. Skyler and I have refurbished our kitchen table, a coffee table, and our baby’s changing table. We loved working on these projects together. We feel proud of our furniture because we have put so much work into it!
  • Learn something from YouTube. You can learn pretty much anything on YouTube now. Try yoga, jazzercise, or any other form of exercise. You can learn to play an instrument and cook too!
  • Learn a foreign language together. Again, there are great resources on YouTube and online, but your local library probably also has tools for this.
  • Make marshmallow guns and have a war.

Staying at home doesn’t have to mean that you can’t have fun dates. It just takes a little more creativity! If you found these ideas helpful, subscribe at the bottom of the page to get more fun ideas and stay up to date!



  • Michelle
    8 months ago

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

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